Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion should be core to every organisation’s strategy as it is one of the biggest drivers of productivity & innovation. In addition to the services below we also provide longer term People & Culture consulting for companies needing significant support in this area


Collaborate for inclusion program

An intensive programme that uses agile techniques to explore the Diversity & Inclusion challenges your organisation has. A team of people from your company will work together to research, develop and validate solutions for creating a more diverse & inclusive organisation.

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It caught me off guard just how good the Collaborative Future workshop was. Our company already works hard at issues surrounding diversity and inclusion and yet the workshop contributed so much!
— Front-end developer, Developer Society

Lunch & Learn

In this 30 minute talk we explore a set of guiding principles to help organisations build inclusive teams where everyone can thrive. The talk contains first-hand examples of the impact that diversity and inclusion has on teams. It is followed by a practical activity and an opportunity for Q&A.

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