Work placement scheme

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign we’ll be launching a collaborative work placement scheme in September 2019 to provide young people (18–24 year olds) not in full-time education or employment with flexible and paid work experience opportunities in a community of freelancers and start-ups

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Our aim

Through working with a community of freelancers & small businesses we want to provide really transformational work placements for young people that empower them to showcase their existing skills, gain a wide-range of entrepreneurial skills, build their network and develop their understanding of how they can make work work for them.


Young people

The work placements will take place in Nottingham throughout October/November. The successful applicants will be provided up to 50 hours of work experience with at least three different businesses during that time. You’ll get to choose a work schedule that best suits you and you’ll be paid at least minimum wage for the hours worked. We’ll also invite you to attend workshops about setting up your own business and provide interview & CV coaching/feedback to help your with applying for jobs beyond the scheme.

Apply now - deadline 16 September 2019


Freelancers & Start-ups

We’ll be recruiting a community of freelancers and start-ups who will be asked to commit between 1 day to 1 week of their time to work with a young person. We’ll pair you with a young person that can match your desired work schedule and who is interested in learning more about your trade or has skills that might compliment yours.

You and the young person will also be invited to work together from Works Social where you can meet others involved in the project.

Apply now - deadline 16 September 2019


Our ambition

We want to build a nationwide work placement scheme that:

1. provides paid experience to young people that helps them develop entrepreneurial skills for the future.

2. is flexible, and can fit around other commitments such as childcare or training.

3. is accessible and enjoyable for the businesses involved

4. creates long-lasting communities & connections

5. is easily replicable - so that others can set up similar schemes in their local community with minimal effort


Official supporters


Works Social is a contemporary coworking and event space in the heart of the Lace Market, Nottingham. Offering cost effective office or hot-desking options and meeting facilities, it suits independent workers and small businesses.

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Think: habit tracking and money management app, all wrapped up in an extremely intelligent chatbot.


Armakuni is a team of technology consultants and software engineers who specialise in leveraging cloud native and as-a-service enablers to build, deploy and run the highest quality software, faster, with more confidence, less risk and at lower cost.


Tech Nottingham is an organisation dedicated to improving Nottingham as a place to live and work in technology. We do this by building a community of smart people in and around Nottingham and running events where they can socialise, work together, share ideas and get better at what they do.


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