Working together to build a fulfilling future for everyone.

We help create more inclusive spaces where everyone is empowered to thrive and support diverse groups to collaborate effectively on solving complex problems.



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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion should be core to every organisation’s strategy as it is one of the biggest drivers of productivity & innovation.

We believe diversity & inclusion is key to developing effective collaboration in the workplace and ensuring everyone can thrive. Work with us to build a new type of organisation!

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Fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment in this increasingly complex & changing world requires more effective facilitation and mediation.

Facilitation can help you unleash people’s creativity and potential whilst also ensuring groups have positive and productive conversations together.

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Learning & Development

We believe developing a growth mindset is key to helping people fulfil their potential and get the most out of collaborating with others.

In addition to the specific training we provide around diversity & inclusion, and facilitation, we also have a whole range of bespoke workshops and learning hours that empower people to thrive; from honing your leadership skills to developing professional resilience.

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Tess has an incredible ability to get people to listen to one another, to find effective ways of working together and take bold and exciting steps to deliver against their goals.
— CTO, Unmade

Empowering youth projects

We believe in empowering future generations and invest time in helping to provide young people with the skills they need to fulfil their potential.


Flexible work placements

We want to collaborate with freelancers and small businesses to offer young people who are not in full-time education or employment the opportunity to work and learn.

We’re currently piloting a programme to provide flexible work experience opportunities to young people.

Youth hackdays

We run regular free workshops & hack days that bring together young people, businesses and youth organisations to explore ideas together.

If you’d like us to run a similar event with your local community get in touch.


Join our community

Join our slack group

We run an online community where people discuss all aspects of collaboration and also explore opportunities for collaborating together on projects.



We run a Medium series where we share more about our projects and other useful resources to help you collaborate with others.

We also welcome contributions from our community.


Events & Meetups

We’re often connecting and collaborating with others at meetups and conferences. You can find us speaking at or participating in the following upcoming events:

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